The Gozo Film Festival continues this weekend with an extended programme of activities.

Today, the festival kicks off at 11 am with Children’s Cinema, which will be screened indoors at the Cittadella Theatre Hall. The programme lasts for around 60 minutes and features 12 international films.

At 4pm, a programme of short films about Malta and Gozo will commence. The screening is set to be around 80 minutes long and will be held at the Cittadella Theatre Hall.

A programme of short films with the theme of ‘Intense!’ will be screened at 6pm at the Cittadella Theatre Hall. The screening lasts around 95 minutes and features 10 international shorts. A screening of another seven short films will be held at 8.30pm at St John Demi-Bastion.

At 10.30pm, at the St John Demi-Bastion, the Maltese romantic comedy 20,000 Reasons, will be shown. The plot follows Sophie Bellizzi, a hard-working perfectionist who is obsessed with getting her company off the ground. She has a strained relationship with her younger sister Juliana, and an even more difficult one with her grandmother who is obsessed with seeing her only grandchildren married so as to protect the family’s wealth.

When Sophie breaks it off with her cheating boyfriend, she is abruptly faced with her grandmother’s cunning plan to pass her substantial inheritance on to her sister, unless she marries before her 30th birthday, which is in three months’ time.

Tomorrow, the programme begins at 10am at the Cittadella Theatre Hall with Ready… Action!, a film-making workshop for children which will be given by film- maker Federico Chini.

From 12-4pm, at the Cittadella Thatre Hall, Ken Scicluna will be giving a hands-on workshop for teens. Participants may learn about film language, storytelling, script-writing, filming and editing.

At 6pm a programme of 10 short films dubbed The Melting Pot will be screened at the Cittadella Theatre Hall. At 8.30 pm, a further five short films will be screened outdoors on the St John Demi-Bastion.

The festival closes with its last screening, the film Treasure in Malta (1963), at 9.20pm. The film is about two children who are looking forward to spending an exciting holiday in Malta with their father, an English archaeologist. But when dad fails to turn up at the airport, they befriend a peanut seller called Jimini. He manages to get them a cab to their father’s house but, just that morning, the father has been kidnapped by a gang of thugs who know he is looking for a valuable treasure.

The Gozo Film Festival continues today and tomorrow at the Gozo Citadel, Victoria. For more information, visit