What business needs inspired the setting up of Konnekt?

Konnekt grew out of a belief that recruitment should not be transaction focused but client focused. This led to the development of a business model which is very different to what you find in the market. It shaped our ethos and this translated into our business processes – we don’t pay commissions, we don’t headhunt and we are driven by service, as opposed to sales.

What growth have you achieved since setting up Konnekt?

Achievement is a journey not a destination. Over the past eight years we have grown to become the largest agency in Malta employing 30 professionals while keeping true to the promise of delivering exceptional care to both employers and candidates. We have more ambitious targets and with the team we have in place I’m certain that we will achieve them.

How has the recruitment market changed in these past years and how have you adapted to it?

When I started recruitment in the late 1990s we used to send CVs via fax and invite people for interviews via snail mail. This has undoubtedly changed. We like to think of ourselves as innovators. We are constantly readjusting our recruitment practices in order to anticipate the rapid changes happening in the industry. Methods used a few years ago no longer apply, particularly as the business community has also changed its expectations of what service they expect from an agency such as ours.

We are very keen to do what is right and to me this is why we exist

Another thing that has changed is candidate preparedness for interviews. As a result of this, the investment in training for Konnekt recruiters is significant and considered to be a vital part of recruiter expertise. The endorsement of our training comes from the repeated requests we receive from client companies wanting to train their own employees in interviewing techniques.

Does the fact that Konnekt is a Maltese company give you business advantage?

Although Konnekt is a relatively young company, its employees have been working in the industry for many years. We know both candidates and employers very well and have interacted with these clients for a very long time and throughout different stages of their careers. We have a clear idea of who is who, what they bring to the table and what they are after. Newcomers to the market may not have this context.

Recruitment is not simply a business transaction. For candidates, especially, it can be an emotional process. How do you cater for this need?

For Konnekt, recruitment is not a transaction and this is the very reason why we don’t pay commission. We focus on building relationships and will not attempt to place candidates unless they are the right match with the employer. We are very keen to do what is right and to me this is why we exist. Our internal systems are built to support our team to deliver exceptional service to both candidates and employers.

How do you ensure a long-lasting and satisfying relationship with your clients?

Long-lasting relationships with clients are a result of us being loyal to these clients. I would define loyalty as putting our clients’ interest above all else. This strategy has paid off, time and time again, and to me it has contributed to our success.


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