Ilħna Mitlufa is back and on tour! After having blown audiences away during its first successful run in 2018 and even being nominated for a People’s Choice Award at the 2019 Premju għall- Arti, Teatru Malta has decided to give the people what they want and bring this one-of-a-kind production back. Its first stop? Victoria’s Teatru Astra in Gozo on May 5, 2019.

This Sunday matinee will be a one-time only event happening at 4pm, so how about a spot of lunch followed by some għana? Doesn’t that sound like the perfect Sunday afternoon in Gozo? The show, conceptually led by researcher and renowned musician Andrew Alamango will set a very nostalgic light on one of Malta’s most loved folk traditions: għana. But that’s not just it – what makes Ilħna Mitlufa so special is that no matter your age or interests, you’re bound to connect to this thoughtfully put together and well researched body of work.

Audience members are immediately transported to their great grandmother’s kitchen, their great uncle’s fields or their mother’s childhood haunts, an experience that can only be compared to going through an old family photo album. Ilħna Mitlufa isn’t your average għana concert – it’s a storytelling session, sung not spoken by performers who have been doing this for years. It features għannejja Mariele Zammit, Anglu Theuma ‘Il-Kina’, Mikiel Cumbo ‘L-Iżgej’ with Johnny Grima ‘Tal-Belt’ on guitar and the musical accompaniment of George Aquilina ‘Nofs il-Lejl’, Karol Aquilina ‘Nofs Il-Lejl’ and Andrew Alamango.

Alamango will narrate this emotional story which will then be left to the audience to make their own because għana is nothing more than an alternate means of expression, with the stage as the għannej’s blank page. And what better time to celebrate our voices and those of others than in this day and age.

Come join us at Teatru Astra in Victoria Gozo on May 5 at 4pm. This hour-long production will be performed in Maltese and will feature English subtitles. Tickets are at €5 and can be purchased from For more information on Ilħna Mitlufa visit or call 2122 0255.


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