Buying products from Malta, especially when it comes to custom-made products that involve high craftsmanship such as furniture, involves more than just a purchase. It is about the genuine qualities of the product, the service at the time of acquisition, the delivery and installation and the after-sales service – aspects that support the product and the customers’ expenses and give peace of mind that no buying from abroad can ever match.
“Perhaps people are under the impression that when they shop from abroad, they are getting a better product or service and better prices. What we are saying is that one does not necessarily need to travel abroad to find great prices. Choosing to shop locally from a very wide selection of showrooms saves a lot of hassle and you can still find affordable furniture,” explains Dino Fino, commercial director of the Fino Group in Mrieħel.
Fino are kicking off a campaign to promote the fact that buying furniture from Malta is not only affordable but also more convenient and regales customers with a personalised service and guaranteed quality that they can trust.
“With this campaign, we want to say that shopping from Malta not only keeps supporting Maltese companies but ensures that the products you buy are genuine, the quality you are after is guaranteed, the service is trustworthy and complete and you have an accountable supplier,” concludes Mr Fino.



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