KPMG’s acquisition of Crimsonwing in 2015 further established its position as a leading provider of professional services in Malta. Currently, KPMG employs a total of 650 people in Malta and has over 170 students enrolled in its Graduate Recruitment Programme.

Iain Fox, CEO of KPMG’s Microsoft Business Solutions team (previously known as KPMG Crimsonwing), said: “Over the past four years since the acquisition, we have been driving a closer collaboration and synergy between the two businesses in a way that brings greater expertise, service and value to our clients.”

To reflect this connected approach, KPMG will drop its KPMG Crimsonwing branding and will go to market solely as KPMG for all services.

The range of IT advisory and digital services that KPMG offer in Malta are now more widespread than ever. KPMG’s digital service offerings comprise its IT advisory service lines including data and analytics, as well as solutions around emerging technologies, robotic process automation and the more traditional software development services.

With the addition of KPMG’s Microsoft Business Solutions team in 2015, KPMG have a specialist Dynamics 365 team that will bring the power of the cloud to a client’s operations.

Tonio Zarb, senior partner of KPMG in Malta, said: “KPMG now has a strong digital team in Malta numbering about 275 people that can provide high-quality solutions with innovation at its core.”