Updated Monday 6.38am

The counting of votes cast in Saturday's European Parliament elections continued overnight and is continuing all day today.

Former Labour Prime Minister Alfred Sant was the only candidate to be elected outright from the first count, easily surpassing the quota of 35,979.

The PN's Roberta Metsola is expected to be elected on the second count.

The first count results also show that Imperium Europa were a few hundred votes short of the votes won by Alternattiva.

In the Labour camp, Gozitan Clint Camilleri is a surprise fourth, behind Dr Sant, Miriam Dalli and Marlene Mizzi, heading incumbent Joseph Cuschieri, who started campaigning late.

Among the Nationalists, Roberta Metsola and David Casa are set for re-election. Should the PN win the third seat, the battle will be between Francis Zammit Dimech, Ray Bugeja and Therese Comodini Cachia.

The difference between the PL and the PN was of 33,677 in favour of the former.

Cacopardo Carmel 1,527
Cassola Arnold 5,891
Total 7,417

Imperium Europa
Baldacchino Arlette 452
Galea Antoine 106
Lowell Norman 6,205
Total 6,763

Bianco Lino 7,268
Camilleri Clint 13,484
Cordina Peter 868
Cuschieri Joseph 10,461
Dalli Miriam 23,479
Farrugia Borg Mario 1,297
Gouder Charlon 6,719
Grixti Ivan 1,595
Mizzi Marlene 14,057
Sant Alfred 48,739
Schembri Deborah 5,983
Vella Fleur 512
Total 134,462

Bugeja Raymond 7,846
Casa David 19,582
Comodini Cachia Therese 7,859
Cutajar Kevin 5,415
Ellul Helga 2,976
Mallia Stefano 5,663
Metsola Roberta 32,360
Plumpton Kevin 1,238
Shaw Jonathan 2,087
Vella Norman 7,099
Zammit Dimech Francis 8,660
Total 100,785

Alleanza Liberali
Sammut Jean-Pierre 202
Total 202

Alleanza Bidla
Calleja Anthony 451
Grech Mintoff Ivan 776
Total 1,227

Bonnici Nazzareno 1,208
Total 1,208