BMW hit the ground running when it came to electrified vehicles. You might remember the striking i8 which, although a hybrid and not a fully electric car, showcased what the future of the firm’s battery-assisted vehicles might look like, alongside the little i3 which has soldiered on for many years as BMW’s core EV.

But after that duo, things fell rather silent. Until now, that is, thanks to this – the iX3. It’s the first in a whole new wave of EVs for BMW, kicking off a fleet of battery-powered models for the company. Let’s check out what this new iX3 is all about.

Okay, we’ll admit that on the outside at least, this looks like a pretty regular X3. But look slightly closer and you’ll notice the closed-off front grille, the aerodynamic wheels and the subtle blue badging BMW reserves for its electrified models. It is, of course, completely silent too – only emitting that now-recognisable ‘hum’ when it passes.

Famous composer Hans Zimmer has also had a hand in how the car sounds from the inside. In Sport modes and under acceleration, a somewhat other-worldly sound is emitted from the iX3’s speakers – different, for sure, but it’s actually really exciting.

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