To ensure more effective enforcement of the legislation that protects consumers’ interests and welfare, the Malta Competition and Consumer Affairs Authority (MCCAA) is offering consumers the possibility to actively collaborate with the authority through its recently introduced ‘Flag a concern’ form.

This form, which may be accessed through the MCCAA’s website on the following link below and through the authority’s mobile app ‘Konsumatur’, gives consumers the opportunity to quickly flag to the authority practices or products they come across during their shopping which they think might be illegal or diminish their legal rights.

For example, through the form, consumers may report missing labels on non-food products, such as a lack of information about the manufacturer or missing warnings and directions of use.

Suspicious products that look unsafe or do not display the required CE mark can also be flagged for inspection by MCCAA.

Consumers may also report misleading adverts or promotions, products with no price indication in shops, or whose price indication is different from the price charged at the cash point.

The ‘Flag a concern’ form may also be used to report problems with guarantees, faulty products or unsatisfactory services.

Now that the holiday season is underway, travellers may also use the form to report any problems with their flights or package tours.

The public is urged to use the ‘Flag a concern’ form to help the authority ensure a fair market that functions in the best interest of consumers and compliant traders.


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