Sometimes a simple gesture can be a reminder of how great it feels to do good. And to prove it, on Good Samaritan Day, the Burger King brand set the stage with a deceivingly distressed car on the side of the road documenting real responses in a short film titled, The Good Samaritan Whopper Sandwich.

In a social stunt designed to shine light on the good of humanity, the Burger King brand placed a smoking, flaming car on a stretch of road in Vasquez Canyon, California as a crew member stood roadside flagging down passers-by. Those who stopped to lend a hand were greeted with a surprise – The King, known for flame-grilling since 1954 – grilling Whopper sandwiches on the hood of his custom ride.

The film showcases the genuine outpour of concern from those who pulled over to lend a hand, quickly turning to relief as they realised the flames were from a grill, and not an engine fire.

These good samaritans were prepared to help in any way possible – from running up with fire extinguishers to attempting to douse the flames with a handful of sand.

The Good Samaritan Whopper Sandwich stunt can be viewed at

The Burger King brand is operated in Malta by Food Chain Limited, a member of the Farsons Group.


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