Reading what Frank Salt had to say in his article ‘Italian restaurants’ (March 8), it seemed to me as though he was not pleased at all with the way things have changed.

There are many things he said, especially with regard to the catering field, with which I agree. However, I believe that the main reason why Italians are being attracted to Malta is unemployment in Naples and Sicily.

It is not only the chef or the pizzaiolo who count most. First of all, they work endlessly together with their staff and there is no complaining. They bring with them from nearby Sicily or Naples the flour and water, which are of a superior quality.

One may ask: but why are all these pizzerias mushrooming all over the island? The answeris simple. There is much more profit in terms of time in producing a pizza than cooking a steak, apart from the cost of the raw material.

The article in question reminded me of a coffee shop where the majority of employees are from Nepal. They are very well educated, good-mannered, offer service with a smile and never cease to say thank you. The Chinese are the same and so are the Japanese, the Turks...


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