Research has shown a direct correlation between the increase in national economic growth and positive female workforce participation. From a business perspective, research of Fortune 500 companies found that those with at least one female board member experienced significantly higher returns on equity (53 per cent), better sales (42 per cent), and a two-thirds greater ROI than those with all-male boards.

“Creating an inclusive and diverse work environment makes good business sense. Data clearly shows organisations that have more inclusive environments perform better and have stronger financial results,” said Deloitte Malta diversity and inclusion leader Caroline Cassar Reynaud.

Deloitte Malta has created a culture of trust and acknowledges its commitment to diversity and inclusion through various programmes and initiatives, including more support for working parents who return from maternity or paternity leave and the increase in paternity leave for male staff members who become fathers. Research shows having a flexible approach increases productivity. More recently Deloitte is also conducting a review of its salary scales to establish whether any gender or nationality pay gaps exist within the organisation with a plan to mitigate any disparities that may exist.

“Ultimately, if we want to be an employer of choice we recognise that we must deliver on what we promise as we all stand to benefit,” Ms Cassar Reynaud added. Deloitte Malta also celebrates International Women’s Day annually, promoting its commitment to gender equality, a reminder that organisations must strengthen efforts to support the elevation of more talented women to leadership positions. Deloitte Malta organises focus groups to reflect on the achievements of women and to discuss the challenges faced around the world towards making gender equality a reality.

Deloitte has also reinforced its commitment to “maintaining an organisation where everyone has equal opportunity to grow, develop and succeed – an ‘all-in’ strategy.


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