Former board members including ex-chief executive John Cryan enjoyed a fat payday from Germany's biggest lender Deutsche Bank in 2018 despite leaving under a cloud, the firm's annual report showed Friday.

The booted-out bosses raked in a total of almost €24 million from their former employer.

Cryan, the crisis firefighter who ran the troubled bank from May 2015 to April 2018, grabbed a golden parachute of €8.7 million after leaving the lender in the red for three successive years.

Deutsche also paid him €2.2 million of compensation for a time-limited clause in his contract blocking him from working for a competitor, as well as €1.9 million for just over three months of work during the year.

Another former board member, Nicolas Moreau, took home almost €8 million after leaving over weak performance at asset management arm DWS.

And former IT chief Kim Hammonds - who reportedly labelled the Frankfurt firm "the most dysfunctional company" she had ever worked at - received almost €5 million.

Meanwhile present chief executive Christian Sewing was paid €7 million last year, up from €2.9 million base salary in 2017 - a year when the whole board received no annual bonus.

And investment banking chief Garth Ritchie enjoyed a Brexit windfall, receiving a €3 million per year "functional allowance" for "additional responsibility in connection with the implications of Brexit" - effectively doubling his annual pay.

Ritchie's swollen payslip for dealing with the fallout from Britain's departure from the EU is set to last until at least November 2020, Deutsche said.


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