Former National football coaches John Buttigieg and Carmel Busuttil have written to the MFA calling on president Norman Darmanin Demajo and Joseph Gauci to honour an agreement on payment due to them after their removal from their posts. They also called on the MFA to reverse the revocation of their coaching licences.

In their letter, signed by legal counsel Ian Spiteri Bailey, the two coaches noted that their coaching licences were revoked on January 25 because the MFA claimed they had violated its statute when they presented a judicial protest in the civil courts.

They pointed out that the MFA statute actually spoke on legal proceedings, and a judicial protest could not be described as legal proceedings.

Furthermore, the statute spoke of legal proceedings on football matters, whereas the judicial protest had been about the termination of employment of the two coaches.

With reference to the MFA's call for the judicial protest to be withdrawn, the coaches said that in view of the fact that the MFA, after the protest was filed, had  signed an agreement on the termination of employment, the request to withdraw the protest was superfluous. The effects of the judicial protest had died a natural death once the MFA had regularised its position - as long as the relative payment was mad.

The two coaches called on the MFA's officials to revoke the suspension of their licences and honour the terms of the employment termination agreement. They warned that failure by the MFA to  honour the financial provisions would lead them to ask the police to launch legal proceedings and request the granting of a warrant of prohibitory injunction.

See letter in full by clicking on the pdf below.

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