A migrant residing at the former Paloma Hostel, targeted by a coordinated raid sparked by complaints to the health directorate, landed in hot water after drugs were found in his possession.

Kintech Bakary ended up in custody after police officers involved in the August 26 operation at the rundown premises at Triq il-Ġifen, St Paul’s Bay, came across the suspicious substances tucked away in a pouch inside the man’s room.

As proceedings continued before the Magistrates’ Court on Thursday, a number of police officers involved in the search testified about their findings, which led to the man’s arrest.


Prosecuting inspector Godwin Scerri explained that inside the man’s pouch was a suspicious greenish substance, later confirmed to be 22 grams of cannabis grass, and small brown pieces of cannabis resin.

The man had admitted in his statement that he had bought the drugs a few days previously from someone in Buġibba.

However, he had chosen not to reply to other questions and was subsequently prosecuted for aggravated drug possession, the inspector explained.

The court, presided over by magistrate Doreen Clarke, appointed a scientific expert to examine the substances to determine their nature, quantity and value.


Meanwhile, the accused remained in custody since he had no fixed residence to support a request for bail.

The case continues.

Lawyer Dustin Camilleri was defence counsel.