A foundation to promote the better appreciation of the life and works of two of Malta's political giants, Fortunato and Enrico Mizzi, was formed today by Prime Minister Lawrence Gonzi and Mgr Fortunato Mizzi, who is Enrico's son.

The foundation will also preserve the archives of the Mizzis and ensure that they are accessible for research purposes.

The Nationalist Party said that Fortunato Mizzi had given birth to a cultural and social movement aimed at bringing about better living conditions and social justices based on Christian values. His work was continued by his son.

It said that the political commitment of Fortunato and Enrico Mizzi and others started the process towards Malta's Independence.

Fortunato Mizzi lived between 1844 - 1905. Enrico Mizzi was born in 1885 and died in 1950 while serving as Prime Minister.

The Board of Govornors of the foundation is formed of Dr Gonzi, Mgr Mizzi, Tonio Borg, deputy leader of the PN, Paul Borg Olivier, general secretary, Paula Mifsud Bonnici, president of the general council, Judge Giovanni Bonello, Rev Pof Peter Serracino Inglott and Ms Carmelina Debono, president of the Social Action Movement.

Richard Muscat is the secretary.

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