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The Nationalist Party executive on Friday unanimously approved a motion to officially dissolve the agreement which created Forza Nazzjonali.

The motion, moved by secretary general Clyde Puli and seconded by all members of the party’s administration, refers to the agreement that had been reached between the PN and Partit Demokratiku through which they presented a common list of candidates for the general election.

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The aim was to subsequently form a government that would take decisions in the national interest.

The motion states that since, in the election, the Forza Nazzjonali did not win the required majority to form a government, the alliance was now defunct and any form of cooperation with PD representatives would be according to case and case by case.

In October, then PD leader Marlene Farrugia had stated she would not work with Adrian Delia and would not acknowledge him as Opposition leader. She had said, however, she still believed the Forza Nazzjonali coalition could work.

The PN's motion can be read in the pdf link below.

PD statement

In a statement this evening, PD reaffirmed Dr Farrugia’s statement upon Dr Delia's election, as well as the statement by current leader Anthony Buttigieg, that the coalition no longer stood.

PD's uncompromising vision was for a Malta with strong institutions and run to the highest possible standards, free of tribalism. It remained loyal to the dream championed by men and women of clean conscience who wanted to put the interests of the citizens and the country before bipartisan politics.

“Partit Demokratiku will continue to grow on the ticket of good governance, the need for which is felt more now, than ever.”

PD said it would work on a case by case basis in Parliament wherever it was in the genuine interest of the people of Malta and Gozo, and would continue to prove the desperate need for a third party.

It contined to welcome the disillusioned political refugees who had been failed by the parties forming the status quo and who, like the PD and its MPs, did not recognise Dr Delia as the leader of the Opposition.

“The ideals of Forza Nazzjonali shall live on in PD, as they have since Delia's election. Partit Demokratiku, Malta's third party, shall continue to bear the banner of justice, independence and good governance, in the fashion of David vs Goliath,” it said.

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