Four Nationalist Party politicians, who received packages of cocaine in the post two years ago, said on Thursday they were still waiting for justice.

Claiming a frame-up, MPs Karol Aquilina and Jason Azzopardi, MEP David Casa and general secretary of the European People’s Party Simon Busuttil called on the institutions to take action before one of them is harmed.

Last year, Times of Malta reported that the four had received the packages in 2019, claiming the move was an attempt to silence them. 

All four had informed the police about the packages and asked for an investigation.

"We fully cooperated with the police and some of us provided testimony at one of the magisterial inquiries launched about the matter," they said on Thursday.

"This was a frame-up on Opposition MPs who used to, still do and will continue speaking up against the PL government's corruption. This malicious attack proved how much our voice was impacting those who in the past eight years caused huge damage to our country." 

Two years have passed since the incident, and so far they have not yet heard anything back from the authorities. 

They only learnt that the substance was cocaine through unofficial means. 

"The authorities have not yet informed us about the investigations carried out, the result of such inquiries and what action will be taken," they said, adding that the packages were received just weeks after Times of Malta and Reuters revealed that murder suspect Yorgen Fenech owns 17 Black.

"There are several people who have the means, the interest and the intention to vindicate themselves by trying to hurt us and our dearest.

"We are publicly making everyone - most especially the institutions - aware of the dangerous situation we are in. We expect the institutions to take action before one of us is attacked."



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