Recent findings show that Frank Salt Real Estate’s strongest personality traits are its reputation and reliability, wealth of knowledge and experience, vast range of property types on offer and its team of friendly, professional negotiators. 

These results were derived from an independent quantitative and qualitative Misco survey carried out in July across a wide section of the population, covering all key demographics with a margin of error of +/- 5 per cent. The telephone survey saw the public scoring Frank Salt Real Estate at the top spot in seven out of 10 brand personality traits.

“The survey allows us to learn more about what our clients think of us, and the public’s perception of Frank Salt Real Estate and other market players in the real estate industry. Based on these findings, we will continue to fine-tune our service throughout all areas of operations,” says director Douglas Salt.

A company with 49 years’ experience, this survey proves that Frank Salt Real Estate remains the most trusted and reliable real estate company on the local market. Today the brand is recognised as a benchmark in the industry and when it comes to service, professionalism, values, and integrity, it is a leader.

All staff, from directors to managers to sales consultants and internal services personnel live and observe the Frank Salt Real Estate culture among each other and with clients. Mr Salt says: “When someone intends to buy, sell or let out a property, we believe that integrity, trust, market knowledge and experience are the key factors they will consider when choosing a real estate agency – and the results of this survey have proven this is where we excel.”

With the strongest possible teams across all disciplines within the company, it is also no surprise that Frank Salt Real Estate scored the highest ranking in so many areas. The company’s sales and letting consultants are highly trained to offer guidance and support to clients, matching budgets and requirements and eventually finding their dream home or sound investment.

Frank Salt Real Estate was also confirmed to have the largest selection of properties available. This is crucial to effectively service the high market demand. “People consistently come to us to list their property or to look for a property because they know we are reliable and they are therefore in good hands,” Mr Salt adds.

“We are very pleased with the results of this survey. The company has experienced considerable growth over the last five years. This has brought about significant change and new challenges, so it was important for us to understand where our weaknesses and strengths lie at this point in time. We have now confirmed that our strong reputation is the long-term, solid foundation on which to continue our growth and to strengthen our relationships with our current and future clients.”


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