Frank Salt Real Estate has embarked on a roadshow promoting investment, tax and relocation to Malta – in the UK and South Africa. In the UK, the event was hosted at the Malta High Commission in London, which also saw the participation of Finance Malta, as well as John Huber and Associates.

Over 80 people registered for the highly anticipated seminar, with topics covered including residence options ideal for UK nationals, property investments and incentives for UK companies to relocate or co-locate to Malta. The seminar also tackled the subject of Brexit and what makes Malta attractive to the UK’s high net worth private individuals and business investors.

Malta is one of the first EU member states to have formulated a specific residency plan for UK citizens opting for an attractive EU base after Brexit occurs. This initiative and, in particular, Malta’s strategic positioning on the international scene have both had a favourable effect on the local property market.

“Malta offers an exceptional lifestyle and vibrant economy which make it a favourite destination for anyone planning to move or invest outside his or her own country. The aim of this seminar was to provide valuable information to help those interested in making the best of their move or investment in Malta,” said company director Grahame Salt.  “People showed a lot of interest in Malta’s attractive residence and citizenship programmes, especially with a looming Brexit,” added Annabelle Ciantar, private and corporate clients manager. “Those considering retiring in Malta were very keen to take advantage of the high levels of service and guidance that we are able to offer.” 

With Frank Salt Real Estate’s biannual roadshow to South Africa becoming part of the company’s yearly calendar of events, a team of experienced sales consultants, together with South African representatives and legal advisers, travelled to Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban to organise and host a series of free information seminars and private meetings for South African nationals to actively promote Malta, its lifestyle and residency/citizenship programmes.

“Due to continuous political instability, a worsening economy and a much higher crime rate in their country, South Africans are seeking a better and safer way of life. Malta ticks all the right boxes in terms of investment potential, a thriving economy, a healthy property market, as well as a superb Mediterranean lifestyle,” Ms Ciantar said.  

“We are now looking forward to hosting guests from both countries in the coming weeks and months and our experienced team will be making every effort to find the right homes or investment options for them.”