I was married to an Apap Bologna for 30 years. He was Magistrate Joseph Apap Bologna. He was neither a bigot nor a hypocrite although he did come from an old Maltese family. On the contrary, he was a respected member of the judiciary.

During my marriage I came to love, respect and admire the Apap Bolognas for the qualities they possess.

May I point out to Austin Sammut (June 1) that I have seen bigots and hypocrites come out of all strata of society. During my husband’s career, I also had the honour of getting to know true gentlemen coming from humble backgrounds who would be able to teach the correspondent a lesson or two on how to put forward his arguments.

Since Malta is a democracy where we have complete freedom of speech, Peter Apap Bologna has the absolute right to voice his opinion and if Sammut disagrees he may put forth his arguments in a civilised manner, thus creating a lively, healthy debate.

Serious abuse of freedom of speech was when Sammut attacked Apap Bologna, his family and even his ancestors. Did he have to stoop so low just because he disagreed with him?

Urgently I would like to invite the European institutions to come and examine thoroughly what Sammut and a few other journalists have written over the past years. They have fallen well below European standards.

I will not waste my precious time in further debate with Sammut because his attitude is unprofessional and immature. He is making a mockery of the legal profession and needs to pull up his socks immediately.


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