We’re right in the middle of a full blown political campaign and amid all the messages hitting our screens, this mother’s day greeting from MEP candidate Roselyn Borg Knight might be the most heart-warming and significant message you’ll see today.

Regardless of their “political colour, background, race or social class, all mums are superheroes” says Dr Borg Knight, because “a mother’s love is super-human and eternal.”

Dr Borg Knight, a lawyer by profession, the Nationalist Party’s international secretary and a relatively new mum herself, released this Mother’s Day video on on her Facebook page on Friday. True to her words, she disregarded all political allegiances and tagged all MEP candidates from all the different political parties, wishing them and their mothers all the very best on Mother’s Day.

Dr Borg Knight is one of the handful of mothers contesting the European Parliament Elections on May 25, and in line with her support for animal rights and of animal activists, her Mother’s Day video message includes mothers from the animal kingdom.

Dr Borg Knight graduated as a lawyer in 2002 and practised employment law with the Malta Employers’ Association until 2006. She then moved to the UK to set up her own boutique law firm, specialising in employment law. When she returned to Malta, she continued her legal career concentrating primarily on disputes concerning employment matters and represents both employers and employees in Industrial Tribunal cases. Dr Borg Knight contested the general election for the first time in 2017 on the ninth and tenth districts, registering an encouraging result.

With Dr Borg Knight being one of the most down to earth candidates out there, it’s no wonder that some of her Facebook posts stand out and go viral. Earlier this month, for instance, she asked the public for their take on wearing a rosette, as is customary with political candidates in England.

“Most husbands buy their wives flowers when returning from a trip overseas” she explained. “But my dear husband (who is British) knows me better than that, so he brought me this rosette to wear for the rest of my MEP campaign… Should I wear it?”

Dr Borg Knight has worked closely with Kuntatt PN', 'Solidarjetà Ħaddiema PN and the Forum għall-Intrapriżi Żgħar u Medji PN and in November 2017 she was elected to represent the Party’s General Council on the Executive Committee and subsequently elected as the Party’s International Secretary.

While always the first to make fun of herself, Dr Borg Knight holds certain issues very close to her heart with gender equality being one of them. Borg Knight has in fact formed part of the European Commission’s Network of Experts in the fields of employment, social inclusion and gender equality.

In one of her Facebook posts Dr Borg Knight strongly stood up for Michelle Muscat, who was being mocked for her choice of outfit during the inauguration of President George Vella. Despite Mrs Muscat being from the other side of the political spectrum, Dr Borg Knight insisted that women (including Mrs Muscat) should not be judged by their appearance, but by what they say and do.

Besides being the Nationalist Party’s international secretary, thus garnering ample experience in Brussels and EU institutions, Dr Borg Knight is a self-employed lawyer with more than 15 years’ experience practicing law both in Malta and in the UK. She is also a partner at 21 Academy and 21 Recruit. Amongst other publications, she most recently co-authored GDPR for HR Professionals with Paul Gonzi and Angelito Sciberras.

Despite her growing business and political career, an impromptu video produced by MZPN revealed that as child, Dr Borg Knight even considered becoming a nun.

In her official campaign video where she appears with her husband Crispian and her four- year-old son Edward, Dr Borg Knight talks endearingly and nostalgically about her upbringing in St. Julian’s and admits to being teased as ‘tal-pepe’ because of her accent, “but this is not just because I was brought up in St Julian’s,” she explains almost apologetically, “my husband is British and I lived in England for ten years.”

Dr Borg Knight’s campaign revolved around four main issues, all of which have one common denominator – that of equality and respect for all – including the environment and animals. During many of her public appearances, Dr Borg Knight spoke about safeguarding the rights of the self-employed, employees and employers, hastening gender equality, defending the environment and strengthening animal rights, as well as supporting a healthier democracy.

“History has proven without a shadow of a doubt that the decisions of European Parliamentarians can have a huge influence on every member state. By not voting we would be leaving Malta’s representation up to chance, and this would be rash. Instead we need to choose carefully and wisely,” explained Dr Borg Knight.

Dr Roselyn Borg Knight is a lawyer specialised in employment law. She is the Nationalist Party’s International Secretary and also a PN candidate for the EP election.


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