Taking a stroll in the morning, I noticed black garbage bags with a ‘Sort it out’ sticker on them. This sticker is meant to indicate something (I did not stop to read the wording).

However, being a Saturday, I checked the garbage collection timetable and noticed that black garbage bags are collected on Saturdays. It is presumed that the sticker-man was out on his rounds on Friday evening.

Can the person who came up with the sticker idea, explain why the unnecessary public expense on this useless exercise? Admittedly, we do have a healthy surplus in public funds but it is not fair on the recipients of the €2.33 weekly increase.

Perhaps the Environment Ministry should be informed that the vast majority, once they take their garbage bags outdoors, just could not care less whether it is Friday night or Saturday morning.

Is it perhaps that someone is making some money from the wasteful exercise of printing of these stickers?