The Gaia Foundation is calling upon Maltese MEP candidates to endorse a Europe-wide petition to investigate and regulate geo (climate) engineering, which has now been accepted by the European Parliament’s Committee of Petitions.

Gaia called on the Maltese MEPs to support the EP’s decision and called on the public to pursue the matter with their MEPs.

The petition, by a platform of environment NGO's called Skyguards calls on the EP to investigate and regulate geo (climate) engineering/weather modification in Europe.

The Committee on Petitions told Skyguards it considered the petition and decided that the issues raised were admissible in accordance with the Rules of Procedure of the European Parliament.

"The committee began its examination of your petition and decided to ask the European Commission to conduct a preliminary examination of the various aspects of the problem. The committee will continue its examination of your petition as soon as it is in receipt of the necessary information.”

Concern on geo engineering was raised in Malta recently when trails were observed in the sky. Gaia called on the transport and environment authorities to investigate whether airline companies wereinvolved in geo engineering tests over Maltese airspace to affect climatic conditions.



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