Ben Camille this week paid a visit to the Kalkara Rowing Club where he discovered the challenges of competing in the Regatta Nazzjonali.

Ben Camille met with Dorian Cilia, an experienced rower, who said that rowing was a tough sport and only rowers with a strong character and will can succeed.

“Rowing is a sport that you need to grow into,” Cilia said.

“One has to go and have a close look at what it involves and once you start practising the sport you will end up hooked in it. You cannot practise this sport if you are not passionate and dedicated.

“If someone has a ‘soft’ character you cannot succeed in it. You need to be resilient during a race to ensure you put in powerful strokes and have good control of your mind.”

Cilia said that clubs work a lot on team building and the fact that rowers are together for a long time to prepare for a regatta surely is beneficial to create a special bond.

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