In the entertainment stakes, 2021 will probably herald an even greater emphasis on getting highly anticipated games into the hands of fans. It will also be a year not for introducing new versions of existing consoles but of building up libraries for these consoles. Be it the Nintendo Switch, the Playstation 5 or the latest X-Box, 2021 will be the year of building their libraries into something that can rival classic consoles and PC games of the past.

It’s not just consoles, either. Online gaming from your PC, tablet or smartphone continues to explode in popularity. This includes everything from the latest releases for Steam to amateur indie games to online casinos. 

Take Betamo, for example, an online casino licensed in Malta that matches reliability with security and a very wide selection of the latest casino games. It also has a unique VIP section that offers even greater gaming opportunities for members and a “live casino” option that allows users to player against others in real time.

Back to video gaming, though, there is plenty of reason for excitement for 2021. For a start, a whole selection of followups to some of the most beloved games ever are on their way. After years of waiting, Hitman will finally see a third instalment released to all consoles, promising an even more action packed, beautifully told tale of video games’ best loved assassin. No less excitingly, the God of War series will be getting its own latest instalment, its most epic one yet with God of War: Ragnarok.

Media tie in games should have another excellent year as well. Harry Potter gets a new game with the exciting Hogwarts Legacy, the Lord of the Rings returns with a focus on Gollum and the entire Star Wars saga gets its own Lego game as well. Most exciting of all, however, is Gotham Knights, which promises to take everything we all loved about past Arkhum Asylum games and opening the world up with newly playable characters like Red Hood, Batgirl and Nightwing. 

There are some brand new titles that are sure to win over gamers everywhere next year as well, of course, but 2021 is really going to be the year of the sequel. Along with biggies like Gothan Knights and a new game in the God of War series, also keep your eyes out for a new Vampire: The Masquerade game and sequels to Far Cry with its sixth instalment, An all new Resident Evil game from Capcom and the seventh Gran Turismo game.

It’s still way too early to tell what 2021 holds on most levels. The pandemic will still be a reality for most until at least halfway through the year, live events and cinemas will continue to be affected by it and who knows what the economy holds for your favourite book store. There are two things we can count on. Streaming services will continue to add more and more movies and TV shows to their increasingly competitive platforms and the booming gaming market will continue its dominance of the entertainment field once again.

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