RTL, Germany's biggest private TV station, had broadcast a 20-minute feature about bird hunting in Malta, based on the operations carried out here last month by CABS, the Munich-based Committee Against Bird Slaughter.

The documentary was shown as part of a current affairs programme and included footage from the drone which CABS used to seek out illegal hunting and trapping, before it was shot down.

The feature, which was also posted on the RTL and CABS websites, describes bird migration routes and shows a number of hunters shooting at birds.

It also shows a hunter insulting and then spitting at a CABS official, another hunter baring his bottom at the team members, vandalism against birdwatchers' cars and insults allegedly scribbled by the Maltese hunters in German, along with the Swastika.

Also highlighted is the discovery of bird 'cemeteries' particularly at Mizieb in 2009.

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