The man who allegedly stabbed his mother and aunt to death last Monday morning in Għargħur was remanded in custody after pleading not guilty to the double murder.

Kevin Micallef, a 42-year old self-employed Għargħur man, was charged with the murder of both his elderly relatives and with breaching the public peace in the incident which took place at around 6.15am on Monday.

Prosecuting Inspector Kurt Zahra told the court how that morning the police had received a call from the suspect, who told them that he had just killed his mother and aunt. He had allegedly also called for an ambulance.

Police who reached the scene were allowed entry into the residence by the man himself and had come upon the gruesome scene in the washroom, the court was told.  

Mr Micallef allegedly told the police how lately he had been feeling quite tired and suspected that his mother and aunt were “putting substances in his drink.”

He had also complained about his mother’s controlling nature, saying she always got in the way whenever he tried to strike up a relationship with a woman.

Monday’s incident was allegedly sparked off when Mr Micallef overheard his aunt in the washroom saying that she “had put them.” Hearing those words, Mr Micallef had grabbed a knife and stabbed both aunt and mother.

Medical expert Mario Scerri, appointed by the inquiring magistrate, had immediately recommended that the suspect be taken to Mount Carmel Hospital where he was kept under constant watch.

Defence lawyer Martha Mifsud requested the appointment of a psychiatrist to assess whether the man was mentally fit to face proceedings.

No request for bail was made and the man was remanded in custody, with duty magistrate Josette Demicoli recommending that he be kept at the Forensic Unit as requested by his defence counsel.

Inspector Elton Taliana also prosecuted.