Former Gozo Minister Giovanna Debono said this afternoon she was resigning from the PN parliamentary group but would stay on as an MP.

She was present at the House this evening and was seen speaking to Opposition whip David Agius - since he is Opposition whip he represents all Opposition MPs including independent ones - and left some time after.

Speaking after her husband was accused in court of fraud and misappropriation of public funds, she said she was resigning from the PN although she was denying all claims made against her or her husband.

Mrs Debono said some months ago that she would not be seeking re-election at the next general election.

Her husband's arraignment followed police investigations that Mrs Debono’s husband used public funds to carry out free construction works for her constituents. Policemen secured government documents pertinent to the case.

A whistle-blower said the works were paid for by the Gozo Ministry under the previous administration and were organised by Anthony Debono (Mrs Debono's husband).

The works were allegedly carried out in the months leading to the last general election and some were even done on the day the polls opened in March 2013.

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