A 12-year-old girl shaved her hair to raise money for an education fund for women after she witnessed how such initiatives supported her own mother, a single parent. 

Molly Cutajar has so far raised almost €700 to go towards an education support fund set up by online group Women for Women in May.

The fund aims to help women gain access to training and education in order to improve their lives and that of their children. 

Molly - before the chopMolly - before the chop

“Women for Women helped my mother a lot and I wanted to give something back. They helped make my mother happier. I decided to do it two days ago and when I actually arrived at the salon I was nervous. But then I was OK. I’m proud of having done it to help more people like my mother,” says Molly. 

Molly cutting her own hairMolly cutting her own hair

Her mother, Nicola, adds that Women for Women did not only help her financially: "they also supported me by being there for us. Molly always wanted to shave her hair and she thought why not do it for a good cause and help other women.

"We are proud of Molly for what she has done. The Women for Women fund is a fantastic cause: they are drastically underfunded and we hope the donations raised by Molly will help them continue the amazing work they do," she says.

End resultEnd result

Founder of Women for Women Francesca Fenech Conti said that Molly’s initiative was not only great from a financial standpoint, but also for the altruistic ripple effect it represents. 

Molly personifies what our Women for Women Facebook community represents: women helping other women.

“Women for Women's support to Molly and her mum has helped empower Molly to come up with this genius idea to raise more awareness of how we can all help each other.

"It’s a ripple effect. Molly personifies what our Women for Women Facebook community represents: women helping other women. We are all in this together: one time I’ll help you out, another time you’ll help me. None of us are immune to needing help some time or other in our lives and we can all find ways of helping others,” Fenech Conti says.

Over the years Women for Women has collaborated with social workers and other organisations and supported several women to further their education.

They have covered expenses for short courses, bought laptops, books, printers and supported women to reach their full potential and gain financial independence.

So far just over €3,000 have been raised in a crowdfunding initiative Women for Women Education Support Fund.

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