The controversial blogger and communications adviser in the Office of the Prime Minister, Glenn Bedingfield, will be the first guest on the online version of Times Talk.

Mr Bedingfield, who is also an upcoming Labour Party election candidate, will field questions over his dual-job role, as well as the limits of online harassment and hate speech.

The new online programme will take the shape of a one-on-one short interview tailored to the growing online audience. The programme was inexplicably axed from TVM’s schedule at the end of last season.

Shorter, snappier format which will keep audiences engaged wherever they may be watching it from

In its new format, it will feature no-holds barred interviews with the news-makers, personalities and the movers and shakers, and uploaded on every Wednesday.

It will be presented by Times of Malta’s online editor Herman Grech and senior journalists Kurt Sansone and Bertrand Borg.

“It was natural to shift the programme to a medium which is fast outgrowing TV. But to do this we needed to rethink the idea behind the original programme and go for a shorter, snappier format, which will keep audiences engaged wherever they may be watching it from,” Mr Grech said.

Times Talk consistently topped the Broadcasting Authority surveys in the scheduled TV time slot for the past three years. Meanwhile, has seen an increase in traffic of almost a third in 2016.


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