Let’s put aside the gay marriage débacle and the hunting referendum issue. The PN is yet again nicely sitting on a fence heading straight for the fence-sitting award for lifetime dedication to be seen and not heard to have an opinion.

But there is more that worries me about the PN—especially when there is too much wrong with the way things are going in this country.

Go on Dr Busuttil—take a stand on issues and don’t worry if you lose votes. Principles are more important than numbers and MEPs.

One thing I did for my pains and for my numbness was read the speeches four (yes 4!) main speakers of the PN leadership delivered last Wednesday commemorating the 10th anniversary of our accession to the EU.

I hoped to see one little reference to what happened a few days before when a BBC wildlife journalist came over to our fair isle, investigated the hunting community and hunters’ deeds and was terribly treated by the hunters. I am still not sure what wildlife the BBC correspondent was covering—if it was the human type he could not have filmed more ferocious, horrid specimens than the hunters.

For his pains our intrepid BBC guy was also hauled in for questioning by the obliging (to the hunters’ lobby) police, who, in their infinite wisdom, actually asked the hunters’ representative for advice.

Did I expect a few words against hunting? No need for that although it would have been great to see PN candidates de-fence away from their silly no-position. But I certainly wished to hear them unequivocally attack the police action. This is terrible arrogance and a frightening stand by the police and anyone who does not complain and scream out against such abusive action.

People say that the worst thing was that the journalist was from the BBC and a foreigner. I say who cares? The worry is way beyond that.

It is when the police attack the harassed—whoever it may be—that I start feeling scared. Scared that things are getting out of hand and that these actions are all part of a scheme to bridle us, to make us think before we speak out, before we—anyone of us, of whatever hue or inclination—say our piece.

Wake up PN and hound the PL to make sure they take action against any minister, any policeman or officer who goes beyond the call of duty. The EU was a great club to join.

Let us celebrate our past but let us make sure we do not go back to a past where all of us were scared to say the truth and nothing but the truth in case we ended up in a police depot for questioning.


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