Partit Demokratiku MP Godfrey Farrugia on Monday said Economy Minister Chris Cardona had threatened him in parliament, although he did not raise a privilege complaint.

The incident erupted at the opening of the sitting when Dr Farrugia, a former minister, prematurely rose to request an adjournment of the House to discuss the report on the power station contract issued on Thursday by the National Audit Office.

The Speaker stopped him, pointing out that such requests could only be made at a later stage (after Question Time).

At this point, angry exchanges were heard involving Dr Farrugia, PD MP Marlene Farrugia and others on the Labour side of the Chamber.

Dr Farrugia then explained on a point of personal explanation that both he and his partner Marlene Farrugia had received death threats.

He had now heard Dr Cardona saying Ġejja Tiegħek (Your time will come), with the MP insisting that such words were unbecoming in the House. They were not a political comment, as was being claimed.

The Speaker said he had heard Dr Cardona denying he was threatening anyone and saying he was speaking in a political tone and the matter would end here.


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