Godfrey Farrugia is the Democratic Party’s new leader, with no other candidate having submitted their nomination for the post.

Dr Farrugia takes over from Anthony Buttigieg, who renounced the party leadership to focus on his bid to win election as an MEP during the 2019 European elections. 

Dr Farrugia.Dr Farrugia.

The Żebbuġ doctor began his political career as an independent mayor of his town, before joining the Labour Party ahead of the 2013 election. He served as minister and then whip during the last legislature before quitting the party in disgust and running as a PD candidate, winning a parliamentary seat in the 2017 general election.

He will be the third leader the party has had since it was founded by his partner Marlene Farrugia in mid-2016.

A leadership election which was scheduled for Saturday October 13 has now become redundant and will no longer be held, PD explained in a statement announcing Dr Farrugia’s appointment.

“PD pledges to reinstate honesty and responsibility into the heart of Maltese politics and give a stronger voice to citizens who believe that our nation deserves to be governed in a way that makes us proud and safeguards a dignified lifestyle for the generations of today and tomorrow,” the party said in its statement.

The PD executive congratulated Dr Farrugia on his appointment.





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