Updated 11 p.m.

The government has accepted an Ornis Committee recommendation to allow a Spring hunting season between April 10 and 30 - two days longer than last year.

The secretariat for rural affairs and animal rights said that days and times during which hunting will be allowed will be the same as last year and there is no change in the number of birds which may be shot ( 11,000 turtle doves and 5,000 quails).

The secretariat said no changes could be made because the new administration had not had enough time to conduct technical studies.

However hunters will not need to pay €50 for a special licence, nor wear the special arm band.

The secretariat said law enforcement will be improved and assistance will be given in this regard by the hunters' federation (FKNK).


In a statement, the FKNK said that this morning it had a meeting with Prime Minister Joseph Muscat, Environment Minister Leo Brincat and Parliamentary Secretary for Rural Affairs and Animal Rights Roderick Galdes during which the hunting season was discussed.

The federation said it was explained to its delegation why certain requests which it had made could not be brought into force during this season.

The government, however, remained committed to honouring what was agreed in a joint statement before the general election and technical studies will be taken in hand.