Christmas Day was the last Friday of the Gozo Soup Kitchen initiative, which provided free warm soup and bread for those in need and others who can choose to leave a donation.

“The response of the six-week trial was overwhelmingly positive and has turned out to be a wonderful experience,” Jack from Sacred Food said.

The Gozo Soup Kitchen was brought to life by Sacred Food catering, which is run by Jack and his partner Corinna, and James from the Magic School Bus, a catering van.

“We had a dream last year of travelling around Europe in a food truck, rescuing food waste and feeding the homeless, which unfortunately wasn’t meant to be,” said Jack.

While travelling was out of the question, during the first few months of the pandemic they collaborated with Gozo Food Bank to help cook meals for families and individuals. In total, Sacred Food raised €1,453.68 for food used to feed those in need.

“Then, James reached out telling us that his truck was available for use. It was all quite surreal to be honest, and we decided collaborate and bring the Gozo Soup Kitchen to life!”

The Soup Kitchen started on November 27, finishing on Christmas Day and was located at Marsalforn car park. 

“Christmas Day was actually the quietest day, but we half expected that, since most people would have plans with their family or friends,” Jack said.

He said that people have come from all parts of the small island to meet them and to support the cause with donations.

“We had more customers providing a donation, and few who come for the free soup.

“Despite this, we are working to strengthen our bond with other communities here in Marsalforn,” he said.

Jack said that during the six weeks the Soup Kitchen did their best to connect with the African community, but there needs to be more time to bridge the gap between communities.

“We are aware that there is poverty in Gozo and working with the Food Bank we found out that 80 per cent of those who need food donations are based in Marsalforn. It takes courage to ask for help and we are here to help others.”

Jack said the team will now be discussing their plans for the new year. He said they would like the Gozo Soup Kitchen to be able to raise funds for other non-profit organisations.

“Customers have been supportive and want to help us continue giving to others in society.

“As we like to say, ‘from the community, for the community’,” he said.

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