We often find ourselves scratching our heads over what to get for that wonderful someone in our lives, because we usually don't want to purchase just anything. When we buy presents for people we know and love we try to get something personal, meaningful, and that the individual will enjoy. 

So what do you get when said individual is a gamer? Here are a few ideas for those of you who need to buy something for that special someone who just cannot live without their consoles or PCs. 

1. A Game

O.K. so perhaps this one is a bit obvious, but there's nothing that makes a gamer jump for joy more than these two things: Steam sales, and new games. Find out what kind of games are on your gamer's shelves – some people love playing Role Playing Games, and others prefer First Person Shooters. Survival Horror games are also quite popular.

Do a little bit of research online, and find out which games are similar to the ones your loved one owns, and check out what consoles they use, or if they prefer to play on their computers. If you're stuck, ask a friend of theirs who shares their hobby for help. Alternatively, you could get a gift receipt from a local games shop. Just remember not to stress over it – the other person will love anything you get for them.

2. Gaming Clothing

Some of us love to share the fact that we're gamers with the world by wearing particular gaming clothes – it helps us identify other gamers, and they look pretty awesome! It's quite easy to find items of clothing for both male and female gamers out there. You can even choose to buy something related to your gamer's favourite game. Don't forget to find out the person's size, first.

3. Awesome Gadgets or Toys

Gamers are often kids at heart, so we love receiving fun technology or toys that emphasise our gamer nerdiness. There's a lot of really great stuff out there for everyone. Some examples can be:

  • A sweet pair of headphones

Every gamer needs a pair of headphones (especially if they play online). 

Portal fans will love these fuzzy cubes that they can hang around the house, or even leave somewhere on their work-desk.

Last but not least, fans of God of War won't be able to resist this Kratos vinyl figure. Sure it's not as intimidating and fierce as the character himself, but look at it! How could anyone resist?

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