Famalco Group’s Summer Sunset event took place at Olive Gardens in Mdina for all employees and affiliates.

The group, which enjoys an extensive portfolio of world-renowned brands, has come a long way from its humble beginnings in the 1990s. By building a focused, creative and ambitious work environment, the company’s pursuit of excellence is left in good hands.

A strong work ethic and the company’s diversification have become its major assets. Participation in 10 industries overseen by the group – backed by the centralised team’s expertise on financial and legal matters, HR, strategic planning, marketing and public relations – makes communication and employee engagement vital to the group’s success.

The Summer Sunset event offered employees the opportunity to get together, share experiences and build stronger relationships. With over 240 people employed, there is a feeling of family culture within the group. Entertainment during the evening was provided by The Drop-Out DJ Brass as well as local comedians Min Imissu? 

Those wishing to join the group can go to www.famalcocareers.com or call 2339 2339.