2020 has surely posed a number of challenges for businesses and organisations. However, many took this time to take stock of the situation and reassess their operations, goals and objectives.

Being a voluntary organisation adds extra pressure to the situation, considering most of the work is dependent on people’s free time and commitment, which tends to be more limited when there are another hundred unexpected tasks to handle, typical in a crisis such as a pandemic.

The QLZH Foundation, backed by the adaptable and innovative minds at QuickLets and Zanzi Homes, the brands which founded the organisation, took the challenge in its stride and analysed what was happening around the world, more specifically in Malta, to see how the foundation could be a beacon of hope in a time when it was much needed.

Only up till recently, most of the foundation’s activities were organised by a small group of people from the administration team at QuickLets and Zanzi Homes during their free time with the support on the ground of the rest of the property specialists. This has worked well since the inception of the QLZH Foundation, which consistently organised a number of environmental clean-ups, including four ocean bed clean-ups, with the last one collecting over 2.4 tons of junk, and the Treedom campaign, planting a tree for every property sold by Zanzi Homes.

Three committees to look at different causes and aspects of society

However, the QLZH Foundation Board felt that right now, society requires more positivity and good news, and it strongly believes that this can only be delivered by people looking out for each other. To achieve this, the QLZH Foundation has restructured its administrative function.

After showing dedication and commitment to the causes of the foundation, Peter Mercieca, an outsider to the organisation, as well as Marc Zammit Lupi, were invited to join the QLZH Foundation Board. Together with this, three committees, each looking at different causes and aspects of society, have been set up.

The three founding pillars of the foundation are the environment, education and adequate housing. The committees will be focused on these causes. The environment has a dedicated committee assigned to it considering the large goals the foundation has on the subject.

Edu­cation, specifically focused on supporting children in Ghana, together with adequate housing, have been branched under the Humanitarian Committee. This also allows for more diversified causes to be tackled by the committee, such as the current Movember Campaign and Make a Zanzi Wish, making hospitalised children’s wishes come through over Christmas.

Thirdly, the foundation has decided to set up a new committee focused on the well-being of animals. This idea came about after it realised the powerful effect animals can have on people’s well-being which is perfectly in sync with the goals of the Humanitarian Committee.

The committees, each made up of a minimum of six individuals, are headed by Steve Mercieca for the Environment Commitee, Marc Zammit Lupi for the Animal Wellbeing Committee and Fabio Zuccaro for the Humanitarian Committee. This restructuring allowed for the administration team to grow with the goal of multiplying the activities delivered, and through this, increase the feel-good factor in society.

For more information, visit www.qlzhfoundation.com.

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