Q: We have a client who bought a cordless drill at the beginning of 2017. A year later the drill turned out to be faulty and we replaced it with a new one. A week ago the consumer contacted us to report a fault in the replaced drill.

We have sent the drill to our agent to check it out. Since the original guarantee has now expired, our supplier wants to charge the consumer €75 to fix it. Our client is refusing to pay for the repair as she is arguing that the replaced drill has only been used for a year. We would like to know if the client has the right to claim free repair?

A: If the first drill was bought by the consumer more than two years ago and when it turned out to be faulty it was replaced free of charge, then the new, replaced drill does not carry a new guarantee.

This means that if the original guarantee has expired, as a seller you are no longer obliged to provide your customer with free repair or replacement.