One cannot but empathise when faced with women’s circumstances mentioned in Andrea Dibben’s opinion piece (‘Why I am pro-choice’, April 30). Yet, I ask, is elimination the true solution?

In my humble opinion, the solution is love and support in various forms, rather than destruction. This is empowerment ‒ believing that a woman can make it through it all.

Pregnancy can truly be tough on someone’s physical and mental health but with love, care and support it is possible that depression and anxiety will not have the last word. These should be the values guiding our discussion on unwanted pregnancies. (If we can call it a discussion as I ‒ and others ‒ have been banned from The Women’s Rights Foundation Facebook page.)

I thank all those who offer hope and concrete help to women and preborn children in difficult situa­tions like Lifeline Malta, HOPE Crisis Pregnancy Awareness and Dar Ġużeppa Debono.


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