Air Malta’s in-flight crew deserve praise for being unfailingly helpful and professional. Other areas of the airline’s service, however, are in need of improvements.

As a regular Business Class travelleris it really too much to ask for a little extra service? Or indeed a normal Business Class service?

The young man at the check-in was obviously thrown out of bed too early by his mother that day – such was his lack of interest in a customer.

Going through the euphemistically called ‘Fast Track’, the staff member couldn’t figure out from our boarding pass what section of the aircraft we were travelling in and wasn’t convinced that we should be using the ‘Fast Track’.

Boarding was chaotic with Club Class passengers asked to board first and not given any special courtesies. I would suggest some extra training for the airline’s staff and a review of this part of Air Malta’s service.

Of course, none of this is truly important in this troubled world except that I am expected to pay hefty prices, about €700 each return, for these non-existent ‘privileges’.


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