The first healthy athletes screening event was held at the Gozo Sports Complex in Victoria. The aim of the event was to provide a health screening/check-up and to inform the person concerned and their carers of any needs to be seen to.

General health, oral hygiene and dietary choices were some of the topics dealt with.

The Special Smiles Screening was organised by Gabriella Gatt, Special Smiles Malta clinical director assisted by members and staff of the Faculty of Surgery, University of Malta.

Dr Gatt said there cannot be good general health unless the mouth was healthy too. Poor oral health and poor dietary choices were linked to obesity, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and respiratory problems especially among the elderly. Recent studies have shown that dementia was also linked to oral health. The event was also opened to students with disabilities attending Gozo State and Church schools and to people with disabilities and their carers living in various homes and centres.