The latest cookbook, Seasonal and Sustainable – Cooking for Healthy Living, draws on Karen Mugliett’s experience as a home economist and her holistic philosophy on sustainable living centred around the home.

The core of the book are the four seasonal chapters where a healthy and sustainable cuisine is adapted around the vegetables, fruit and fish available in each season.

A variety of original and simple starters, economical and tasty main courses, and healthy and low calorie desserts make up the book. The different recipes include guidelines on how they can be modified to make them healthier or more varied.

The book includes a first chapter intended to instil the proper attitudes to home cooking, attitudes such as better budgeting, shopping wisely, meal planning and sustainable cooking.

These are followed by indispensable information and basic recipes which are considered as fundamental to a wide range of dishes.

All recipes have been carefully planned to include healthy and fresh ingredients, contain low amounts of calories, sugars and fat, whilst at the same time retaining taste and flavour.

There are about 120 recipes all tried out, and photographed, by Karen’s husband, Nationalist MP Jesmond Mugliett. Followers of the Mediterranean cuisine, vegetarians and those who are looking for original and healthy ways of food preparation should find this book an indispensable companion in their kitchen.

The book is printed at Progress Press by Allied Publications. It can be bought online by going to and clicking on the section Books.


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