A dog full of shotgun pellets has been received by the Association of Abandoned Animals, which is hoping to help the animal get better.

The dog, which the association named Ġorġ, was received by the shelter with a gaping wound in his back and other small wounds around his body.

An X-ray established the animal had been shot and it had pellets all over his body.
The vet could not even try to remove them.

The dog is now on medication and the association is asking the public to help donate towards his medical bills.

“We cannot understand this trigger happy mentality and this cruelty that goes around daily,” the association said.

Last month, a pet dog died, four days after having been shot with a shotgun in Magħtab.

A spate of dog poisoning cases had also been reported in Gozo.

Donations can be sent via SMS on 5061 7350 (€2.33), 5061 8060 (€4.66), 5061 8910 (€6.99) and 5061 9200 (€11.66).

Cheques addressed to the AAA may be sent to AAA PO Box 25, Ħamrun.

One can also paypal donations to paypal.me/aaamalta .

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