Last Friday’s leader referred to a six-star Product Malta. However, irrespective of building luxurious hotels and corresponding infrastructure, the Maltese need to focus their efforts on developing a six-star service.

The service offered by the hospitality sector here is third rate at best (apart from a few exceptions) and leaves much to be desired.

Front-of-house staff members in shops, restaurants and hotels do not see themselves as professional, refuse to put customers first and would never dream of going the extra mile. Indeed, they behave as though they are doing you a favour, despite you choosing to spend your hard-earned income in their establishment.

An excellent service can often compensate for average food or standard accommodation. It is the ‘experience’ that needs to be memorable and for the right reasons.

If Malta is to attract high-end visitors it will need to develop a high-end service proposition to match. High-end tourists expect certain standards (you only need to visit Dubai to understand what these are) and will not be shy in complaining vociferously if these are not met.


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