Timmy Gambin writes:

Earlier this month, a leading figure in the field of marine archaeology passed away peacefully in London. She leaves behind an important legacy in the field of underwater cultural heritage, a fact highlighted by the important roles she held within Unesco.

Honor Frost had been active in this field for over four decades carrying out projects in Lebanon, Sicily, Cyprus and Malta. In the late 1960s, Ms Frost directed a scientific project in Mellie─ža Bay during which she surveyed and excavated an ancient Roman shipwreck.

She collaborated with the local museum authorities and her drawings and notes are stored in the archives of the National Museum of Archaeology in Valletta. With commendable foresight, the Gollcher Foundation undertook the publication of the excavation report.

This project was the start of a long association between Ms Frost and this island. She kept a house in Senglea, which she considered her second home and where she met up with her local friends and colleagues. Ms Frost will be remembered with warmth and fondness by all those who knew her and her work will inspire archaeologists for generations to come.


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