Although I am no longer an athlete, I still enjoy a lot of activities. Until some time ago, I also did horse riding (in picture with Cool Minstrel), which I had to stop as I don’t feel healthy enough. Throughout my lifetime, I owned a donkey, three Moroccan Barbs, a Welsh mountain pony and an English thoroughbred.

The karozzin horse that died the other day must have been the victim of exhaustion (heart failure) and, possibly, lack of proper nutrition or bedding.

Horse owners know that feeding the right amount of crushed barley is the best option. However, they also know that feeding the correct amounts gets the horse ‘highly strung’ or likely to trigger ‘hot behaviour’.

The horse sleeps standing on all four legs, except for an hour or so. This because, when still living in the wild, horses used to sleep on all fours just in case a predator attacks.

Horses need proper, dry bedding and not bedding that is wafer thin and wet with the animal’s urine Since the vast majority of owners hardly ever take their horses out of the stables, one cannot imagine how they expect to get the utmost out of them.

Horses kept in the unkind conditions sway their heads from side to side and kick with their hooves on the stable door because of boredom and as if trying to send an SOS.


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