Updated 3.15pm with Enemalta comment

A photo of workers looking on as a colleague fixes a lamp post along the Sliema promenade is doing the rounds on local social media feeds.

Photo: FacebookPhoto: Facebook

In the photo, a worker wearing a high-visibility jacket can be seen fixing the lighting fixture, while three of his colleagues hold the ladder he is standing upon. 

Three other workers wearing Foundation for Tourism Zone Development hoodies casually look on, along with another wearing a blue sweater. 

The sight of eight men gathered around a simple lamp post prompted a variety of reactions of social media ranging from hilarity to outrage - though others protested that the image might have been taken out of context. 

Enemalta later offered some explanation for the photo, which it said showed workers attending the start of a maintenance project brief on the Sliema promenade decorative lighting. 

"The Enemalta team then split in two gangs of two men each, one that would interact locally next to each pole and the other team at substation and/or switching pillars to carry out testing and switching along the entire promenade and at other remote locations. Enemalta assures its customers that we give the necessary attention to both safety and efficiency at the place of work."


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