One aspect of abortion that is never brought up by the pro-abortion lobby is the lucrative business opportunities abortion brings with it.

Pro-abortion organisations such as International Planned Parenthood Federation, reap in millions of funds and use them to promote their agenda at an international level through their affiliate member groups.

In the United States alone, IPPF’s recent tax report shows $127 million of revenue in excess of expenses.

In 2015, the Malta Gay Rights Movement, presented the Education Ministry with some 140 LGBTIQ books.

MGRM publicised extensively this event and presented the books to Education Minister Evarist Bartolo and though not very well advertised, it is a fact that such books were supported by IPPF.

While there could be a perfectly rational explanation for this, one cannot but consider carefully this questionable affiliation especially when it is well known that this international organisation also supports fetal tissue for experimentation.

On their own website, IPPF clearly state: “Unlike adult tissues, cells contained in aborted pregnancy tissue, or foetal tissue, have particular characteristics that allow them to divide rapidly.”

For many years, cosmetics were tested on animals. The reason behind such a practice was justified as being beneficial to humans since the products would be considered safe to use only after their chemical reactions on animals were assessed.

A lot of effort has made over the years to stop the experiments on animals, and animal rights groups have vehemently opposed this practice and successfully campaigned intensely to stop it.

During World War II, Josef Mengele was experimenting on human beings.

He had an obsession with twins, and carried out a lot of medical research on prisoners of war. Victims of this insane individual were tortured, mutilated and injected with all kinds of chemicals. The results were also recorded.

After the war, documents were found and one of the biggest dilemmas was whether to use the research or not, since it was carried out on unwilling human beings besides being conducted in the most inhumane way possible.

None of the arguments put forward by any pro-abortion brigade are scientifically or legally sound

Mengele avoided capture for most of his life after the war.

So, while the civilised world considers experimenting on animals and human beings as a barbaric practice and completely unacceptable, it is somehow deeming experimentation on unborn human beings’ foetal tissue a perfectly normal practice.

Whatever provisions are in place to avoid the deliberate practice of becoming pregnant and receiving payment for fetal tissue following a fully legal abortion, would be anyone’s guess.

Advance in science and in stem cell experimentation should by now have made this practice obsolete, and yet it is not.

None of the arguments put forward by any pro-abortion brigade are scientifically or legally sound. Their persistence in pushing abortion seems to have nothing to do with female reproduction rights which can be defended via so many viable andethical alternatives.

The opinions put forward are illogical at best. Based on these facts, their reasoning cannot be put down to sheerignorance either and consequently, no one can be blamed for concluding that it could be other ulterior reasons that drives their agenda.

Could the agenda be the deliberate support for such business practices as above and/or other such inhuman practices?

Practices that necessitate the total dehumanising of (unborn) human life and claiming it to be no more than a “blob of tissue”?

An ‘object’ that we are no longer obliged to defend via the rights that it presently enjoys and that this new life can therefore be disposed of like a worn out and unneeded commodity at the right price tag?

Steve Pace is a company director and ICT consultant.

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