Hundreds of people have descended on Marsaxlokk for the traditional celebration of San Girgor, and at least three were brave enough to take their first dip of the year.

The tradition goes back to 1543 when the first procession of San Girgor was held in Zejtun as a prayer for Christian unity. However, some argue that it goes back further, to 1519, and was a ceremony of thanksgiving by survivors of the plague which swept over Malta.

Archbishop Paul Cremona earlier today led a procession from the chapel of St Clement to Zejtun Parish Church and then to the ancient chapel known as San Girgor where a concelebration was held.

At Marsaxlokk, families are spending this last day of the Easter holidays playing tombola, eating hobz biz-zejt and going round the stalls at the open market.

With the weather getting brighter, it is likely that more will take the plunge into the sea this afternoon.